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BeamBuddies™ SoftScrub Pet Brush

BeamBuddies™ SoftScrub Pet Brush

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Introducing the SilkyPaws Bath Brush: The Perfect Bath and Massage Tool for Your Pets!

Make bath time a delightful experience for your furry friends with the SilkyPaws Bath Brush. Crafted from environmentally friendly silicone, this innovative brush is designed to provide a gentle, effective clean while offering a soothing massage for dogs, cats, and even kids



Premium Silicone Material:

Made from eco-friendly, non-toxic silicone, the SilkyPaws Bath Brush is soft on your pet's skin, preventing irritation and ensuring a comfortable grooming session.

Lightweight and Compact:

Weighing only 104 grams and measuring 888057MM, this brush is easy to handle and store. Its compact design includes an 80mL capacity for shower gel, making it perfect for travel.

Color Options:

Available in vibrant yellow, pink, and blue, you can choose the perfect color to suit your style.

Easy to Use:

The brush is designed for simple operation, with an easy-filling feature that allows you to distribute shower gel effortlessly. The small, exquisite design makes it a breeze to use.

Perfect for dogs, cats, and even kids, the SilkyPaws Bath Brush is the ultimate grooming tool that combines functionality with comfort. Keep your pet clean, happy, and relaxed with the SilkyPaws Bath Brush—because they deserve the best care!


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